Historic Pile of Rubble Becomes Stately Guest House At Wydnor Hall Inn

In pre-revolutionary times, Wydnor Hall was a 90-acre estate named “Bordaria”, which was part of the “Walking Purchase” portion of the land-grant owned by William Penn and his sons on a deed dated 1756.

Charles & Kristina Taylor purchased Wydnor in derelict condition twenty years ago with the intention of preserving its heritage.

The Taylors have just completed the restoration and expansion of an 18th century structure believed to be the original dwelling on the property.

Separate from the manor house, the renovated “Bordaria Cottage” is now a secluded two-story guest house; and can accommodate four people in luxurious privacy for short or extended stays.

In order to adapt the manor house to its current use as a bed and breakfast inn, the Taylors had carried-out an extensive renovation. The nearby guest house is named “Bordaria Cottage” to restore the historic name to current use.

Owned by the Weidner family and their descendants during the 19th century, the Bordaria estate subsequently suffered years of neglect and was converted to apartments in the 1940s. It was sold at sheriff’s sale in 1963, and finally rescued by the Taylors in 1986.

The Inn is celebrating 20 years of hospitality this year. It is notable for its sumptuous furnishings, heirloom antiques, crystal chandeliers, and beautiful works of art. In the handsome Dillon Dining Room, breakfast is served on fine china with sterling silver and crystal. The Inn has been host to world leaders, celebrities, performers, wedding couples, family reunions, and corporate meetings.

The restoration of the 18th century foundation and construction of the second floor addition was supervised by Dennis Reiss of American Heritage Restoration, and carried-out by his crew of Mennonite craftsmen. Dennis Reiss and Kristina Taylor collaborated on the design.
You are invited to enquire about reserving our newest luxury suite, the “Bordaria Cottage”, which is now available for booking.

Seidersville in Lower Saucon Township
Deed of Bordaria dated 1743
Derilict Manor House in 1988
Restoration of Manor House
Wydnor_Hall_Restoration_Manor_12.jpg.w300h200 Wydnor_Hall_Restoration_Manor_06.jpg.w300h206
Derilict Manor House in 1988
Restoration of Manor House
Wydnor_Hall_Restoration_Settlers_01.jpg.w300h233 Wydnor_Hall_Rennovations_16.jpg.w300h226
Derilict Settler’s House
Restoration of Settler’s House
American_Heritage_RestorationsRestoration of the Settler’s House is being managed by Dennis Reiss of American Heritage Restoration, a renovation company that had completed much of the earlier work at Wydnor.